Size Scaling

Boost sales and reduce stock-outs by size

Producing precise size curves is a constant challenge for retailers and manufacturers. Most lack the resources or tools – relying on inadequate or outdated cutting, ordering, allocation and replenishment scales. Companies can never optimize inventory levels without the ability to assort, order, manufacture, distribute and replenish properly sized products.  

 JDA Size Scaling transforms the generation and maintenance of detailed size curves into an automated, cost-effective process. Using advanced predictive and descriptive mathematical techniques, JDA Size Scaling introduces art with science to the process of creating size scales at the right levels of your product hierarchy so you can best match need at a localized level. 


  • Task-oriented interfaces and intelligent techniques to simplify user interaction
  • Ability to review, modify and export results in reports, and directly interfaces with other JDA merchandising solutions, including allocation, assortment planning and order management systems
  • Robust historical analysis, supports cluster generation, and has a pre-built integration to JDA Allocation enabling you to size and stock items most profitably
  • Quickly get up to speed in identifying store groups with similar demand while reducing clearance of wrong sizes with fast implementation times


  • Filter historical data based on assortment fragmentation, extreme outliers and other retail anomalies
  • Support cluster generation by identifying store groups with similar demand for sizes within a product style, subclass or classification
  • Assist with pre-pack assortment decisions through optimization techniques for more manageable combination of packs
  • Enables more efficient, accurate distribution of products in the right sizes without break-pack or item picking operations

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